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  • Screw Back Earring FAQ

    What is the difference between Screw Backs and Mushroom Backs? Mushroom backs are silicone backs, with a small gold metal piece inside that allows the back to have a tight fit on an earring post. Mushroom backs are a regular push on/pull off earring back - it just fits tighter than most earring b... View Post
  • New and Improved Earrings

    The time has come! A new earring launch with our new and improved earrings 🙌🏼  We seriously can’t wait for you to try these.   Our goal has always been to produce COLORFUL, high-quality earrings that work for sensitive ears. We’re constantly trying to learn and improve our earrings. With our late... View Post
  • Oh Clem FAQs

    Which earring back is best for my needs? Our Flower Backs are our standard backs. This means they are NOT super secure. They fit just like any other back you would buy from the store. They are our cheapest option. Our Bubble Backs are also not our most secure. While they still fit pretty tight, ... View Post