Flower Backs

The Flower Backs are our most economical option. These backs are just your standard, silicone earrings backs. The Flower backs are included with every order of regular post earrings.

Bubble Backs

The Bubble Backs are perfect for girls who hate getting poked by earring posts! These backs are a bit bigger, so they cover the entire earring post and protect behind the ear. These silicone backs are a customer favorite!

Mushroom Backs

The Mushroom backs are extra secure, so earrings stay in the ears and not in the carpet, backyard, or bed! Their shape makes them easy to take off without pinching little ears. If you’re looking for a solution to lost earrings - these are for you! They are made from silicone and 14K gold.

Screw Backs

The Screw Backs are the most secure earrings we sell. They only work with our Screw Back Earrings. These backs screw onto a threaded post so they stay tight and secure until you choose to unscrew them! Please note: the post is a bit thicker and shorter than regular earring posts.