The Spring Garden Collection is *finally* here!

Bright, fresh colors. Girly, dainty designs. Inspired by the garden.

We hope you love what you see.

xoxo, Takael + Lex

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🌷 Spring Garden Collection

Bright, fresh, dainty, colorful and cute.

Earrings that stay in your ears and don't cause irritation.

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🧑 Best Sellers

  • Surgical-grade Stainless Steel

    We use stainless steel because it’s durable and comfortable in almost every persons ear. Yay irritation-free earrings!

  • Hypo-allergenic Coatings

    High-quality coatings on our jewelry makes it durable and long-lasting, even in water or sunshine.

  • Super Secure Backs

    We offer Screw Backs and Mushroom Backs because we know everyone likes their earrings to stay in and fit juuusssst right.

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