Hi there! We’re Oh Clementine. 🍊

We started Oh Clementine in 2019. Why? We searched and struggled to find cute, affordable earrings for sensitive ears. We started with 4 basic designs and hoped people would find in our jewelry what we couldn't find before. We were shocked by the response.

Immediately, women started flocking to Oh Clem—thanking us for finally giving them and their daughters earrings that didn’t cause irritation and had fun designs.

Oh Clem also became a creative outlet and extended family for us. We could design and stretch our creativity. We created friendships with moms who also valued high-quality and long-lasting products. Oh Clem became a place where we could land when our personal lives were sprinkled with grief, chaos, and monotony.

Oh Clementine is dedicated to creating the highest quality jewelry for girls and women of all ages. We are passionate about being well-educated in the industry and strive to provide clear, honest information. We are committed to providing top-tier customer service to create long lasting relationships with our customers and friends.

Oh Clem was made for people like you, by people like you.

We hope you find something more in our jewelry too 🧡

xoxo, Takael + Alexis