Stainless Steel... But also Gold?

Stainless Steel... But also Gold?

Oh Clem earrings are stainless steel… but our gold earrings also use REAL gold. So, how? 

Let's talk about PVD gold plating, the ultimate way we get the best of both worlds - the look of solid gold and the durability (and no irritation) of stainless steel. 

PVD gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is deposited on top of a stainless steel base, using a Physical Vapor Deposition process. 

Traditional gold plating is a process where a very thin layer of gold is electroplated onto a base metal, making it more prone to wear off and tarnish. Gold fill is a thick layer of gold that is pressure bonded to a base metal, gold vermeil is a thick layer of gold plated over sterling silver.

PVD gold plating, on the other hand, uses a Physical Vapor Deposition process that creates a bond between the gold and the steel that is incredibly strong, making it much more durable than regular gold plating, gold fill or gold vermeil. 

The best part about PVD gold plating? It looks just like solid gold, but it's much more affordable. Plus, because it's on top of stainless steel, you'll get all the benefits of stainless steel - hypoallergenic and durable - without sacrificing the look of solid gold.

Our goal is to provide real cute designs, at an affordable price, that last long, and don’t cause irritation. PVD gold plating is the ultimate way to get the best of every world. 

We hope you loooove them!



Oh Clem 

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