Screw Back Earring Q’s

Screw Back Earring Q’s

What is the difference between Screw Backs and Mushroom Backs?

Mushroom backs are silicone backs, with a small gold metal piece inside that allows the back to have a tight fit on an earring post. Mushroom backs are a regular push on/pull off earring back - it just fits tighter than most earring backs. 

Screw Backs are actual screws. The Screw Back Earrings have a threaded post that the back screws onto tightly. It cannot be removed without unscrewing. Screw Back Earrings are a special earring - not just a back you can buy to use with any earring you already own. If you REALLY have problems with losing earrings, we suggest our Screw Back Earrings. 💪🏼

Are Oh Clementine Screw Backs easy to get on and off?

YES. It may feel a little weird at first because the back is very small for adult hands to hold. However, after a little practice it's no problem. Making sure the screw back is on the post straight is very important and will make screwing and unscrewing much easier. 

The post of a Screw Back Earring is a thicker gauge (or in other words, is a thicker post than normal earrings.) This may take some getting use to. If inserting for the first time, we suggest sliding another earring in first to make sure the piercing hole is ready. Waiting to insert Screw Back Earrings after a warm shower will help the piercing be more malleable as well.

Are Oh Clementine Screw Back Earrings 14K gold?

No. All of our earrings are stainless steel with a high quality protective clear coat. Even the gold ones! We now use only stainless steel because most people with sensitive ears can wear these. If you have found only certain metals other than steel work for you we suggest still trying ours! We think think they just might work 😏

Will Oh Clementine have more Screw Back Earring options in the future?

YES. So glad you asked. Depending on the demand, we will continue to produce colorful Screw Back Earrings forever 🙌🏼

You can shop our entire Screw Back Collection here:

Oh Clementine Screw Back Collection

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