Earring FAQs

Earring FAQs

Which earring back is best for my needs?

Our Flower Backs are our standard backs. This means they are NOT super secure. They fit just like any other back you would buy from the store. They are our cheapest option.

Our Bubble Backs are also not our most secure. While they still fit pretty tight, their real purpose is to prevent the earring post from poking the head/neck area behind the ear. 

Our Mushroom Backs are our SUPER secure earring backs. These backs fit snug and secure to keep those earrings in all day and all night. The mushroom shape makes it easier to grip when removing them. These are our best sellers, and our personal favorites. 

Screw Backs are actual screws. The Screw Back Earrings have a threaded post that the back screws onto tightly. It cannot be removed without unscrewing. Screw Back Earrings are a special earring - not just a back you can buy to use with any earring you already own. If you REALLY have problems with losing earrings, we suggest our Screw Back Earrings. 💪🏼


I just got my child's ears pierced, can we switch into Oh Clem earrings?

The Mayo Clinic recommends leaving in piercing studs for at least 6 weeks after having pierced them. Some piercing may take even longer to heal. We recommend not switching until it has at least been a full 6 weeks, and after you do switch, continue to keep an earring in even at nights to avoid the piercing to close. 


My daughter is under 5 years old. Will Oh Clementine earrings work for her?

Yes! We offer different sizes for all ages. If your child is teensy tiny, it may be helpful to shop our "mini" earrings, and use our Bubble Backs to avoid poking behind your child's ear. 


My daughter has sensitive ears, can she wear Oh Clementine earrings?

Yes! We use high quality materials in our earrings. All earrings are made from nickel-free metals, surgical-grade 316 stainless steel, with a vacuum coating. If you have specific questions about this, please DM us or email us!


Any other questions? We're always available to help! Email at ohclemshop@gmail.com or DM us on social media. 



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