New and Improved Earrings

The time has come! A new earring launch with our new and improved earrings 🙌🏼  We seriously can’t wait for you to try these.


Our goal has always been to produce COLORFUL, high-quality earrings that work for sensitive ears. We’re constantly trying to learn and improve our earrings. With our latest collection, we feel like we’ve taken a huge leap forward.


Here’s the short-version of the story: Oh Clementine earrings are now made of 316 Stainless steel and are vacuum coated. These earrings are as good as it gets for sensitive ears and they stay shiny. The colors POP even more, and you and your girls are going to love wearing them.


Want the full story? Here’s the deal: some of the things I’m going to tell you might surprise you, but you’ll just have to trust us! 😏


First off, we ditched 24K gold plating. We know, we know, it sounds crazy. There is a small amount of you who can only wear 24k gold so this may be tough news but we hope you’ll TRY THESE before saying “so-long.” Here’s why we made the switch:


24k gold is a very, very soft metal. Match a soft metal with plating and it’s a recipe for tarnishing. So if you want to plate the jewelry in gold, the next best thing is to move to either 18K or 14K gold. In fact, when it comes to jewelry, 18K or 14K is usually all you can find in the market. That or sterling silver (bleh).


Many people don’t realize that gold wedding bands are usually made from 14K gold. This is because an alloy metal has to be added to gold to make it harder so it doesn’t bend or scratch easily.


Alloys are GREAT for making gold harder, but they also trigger sensitivities and allergies.


All of that is just to say we came to a crossroads with our past earrings: we either had to add alloys so they didn’t tarnish quickly OR make a switch.


After lots of studying and working with our manufacturers we tested a new theory.. what if we ditched plating all together?


So, here we are: Oh Clementine’s new earrings are cuter and better for sensitive ears than ever before. High-quality 316 stainless steel with an extra vacuum clear coat to keeps Oh Clem earrings shiny and safe. These new earrings are so good. Wait until you get them in your hands (and ears).


Thanks for sticking around with us and helping us grow. We have the BEST customers in the world. We talk about it as a team all the time… if there was an award for best customers you’d win it right now. Congrats 😘



Oh Clementine


P.s. If you have any questions or comments please DM us or send us an email. We’d love to chat more about this! (we’re nerds about it 😂)

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