Caring for Plated Jewelry

The price point of plated jewelry is the greatest benefit, however, it also means that it takes a little more TLC to keep them shiny and long-lasting.

If you follow these 3 steps, your plated jewelry will stay in tip-top shape. 

1. Avoid harsh chemicals and oils that may tarnish your plated jewelry. Lotions, hairsprays, perfumes, harsh pool salts/chlorines, etc. can cause jewelry to tarnish faster. While this is true for all jewelry it especially is true with plated. All it takes is letting your perfume and lotions dry before putting on your jewelry, and taking off any plated jewelry before swimming.

2. Carefully clean plated jewelry after every use. Use a *very* soft cloth to wipe away any buildup that has occurred while wearing the jewelry. This step is very helpful to avoid tarnish and to keep that bling shining. Just make sure your cloth is extra soft so you don't add scratches!

3. Soak and wash your jewelry if the cloth isn't enough. Sometimes the buildup is more than a velvety cloth can handle. It's okay to wash your plated jewelry in warm, soapy water. Stay away from harsh soaps and jewelry cleaners though. The more gentle the soap the better in this scenario. Soak it, rub it around in the soap, rinse, and gently wipe clean. 

Plated jewelry really is the best way to have affordable jewelry with all the necessities (i.e surgical-grade stainless steel, nickel-free metals, and real gold.) 

With three simple steps, even kids can take on the responsibility of caring for their own plated jewelry. You can shop our gold-plated earrings here. 

Enjoy your shiny, like-new jewelry! 


Oh Clementine


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